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Polycom is the only company today delivering end-to-end, rich media collaborative applications for voice, video, data and the Web from desktop and mobile personal systems to room systems to the network core. We are the industry leader in unified collaboration solutions. Our vision is to enable people to connect anytime, anyplace and with any device in a virtual experience as natural as being there.

Polycom delivers business value by cutting costs, simplifying system management, and fostering real time collaboration. As a result of this easier, more lifelike collaboration, people are more innovative, efficient and productive, make better decisions, enjoy enhanced relationships and greater satisfaction with their jobs -- enabling organizations to be more agile, innovative and therefore globally competitive.

Unified Collaboration

Modern day realities such as globalization and worldwide competition are driving the need for quantum leaps in productivity and efficiency that leverage operating expenses and maximize return on investment. These leaps in productivity and efficiency need to be paired with top line growth that is fuelled by delivering differentiated and innovative products and services that are sustainable over time. Business tactics that drive costs down such as off-shoring, models that embrace more strategic partnering and organizations that reflect modern day working and lifestyle realities such as remote working are adding distance to the workplace. Distance hinders people meeting together easily and effectively to discuss, make decisions or agree action plans. Furthermore, business information is now readily available in companies and a strategic competitive tool if used to make collaborative decisions quickly at all levels within an organization.

Polycom is removing the problem of distance in the workplace and providing our users with the opportunity to use information to create competitive advantage by delivering a meeting experience that is as close to actually being there in a face to face meeting as anything delivered by any company before. It achieves this meeting experience with its new and ground breaking standards based On-Demand Collaboration and UltimateHD solutions that uniquely combine voice, video and content together to create remote meetings where decisions can be made more quickly, information can be acted on immediately and distance barriers are removed across the whole organization no matter where people may be located and no matter what capabilities their environment permits.

Polycom's On-demand Collaboration solutions remove barriers to collaboration adoption that have existed in the past such as technology deployment and ease of use. With On-Demand Collaboration solutions implemented, people can meet together instantly and easily whenever they need to or want to wherever they happen to be located. This means more collaborative decisions will be made more quickly whenever they need to be made Polycom makes it safe and easy for IT groups to deploy collaboration solutions for competitive advantage by leveraging existing infrastructures from companies such as Microsoft, Avaya, Alcatel, IBM and Cisco in the enterprise and Sylantro and Broadsoft in the service provider environment.

The new world is here today and organizations need to execute competitive strategies now! Polycom's solutions are available today and only Polycom has On-demand and UltimateHD solutions that enable the best possible meeting experience. Polycom's solutions are mission critical in achieving competitive differentiation because by bringing people together just like a face to face meeting we enable rapid collaborative decision making for agility, we shorten supply chain communication for efficiency and we can collaboratively enable new and innovative ways of interacting with customers.