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You have questions...

Elite Telecom and Avaya have answers!

Does my current phone system give my business what it needs? 

If it is based on old technology, probably not. Your competitors will be faster and more professional with the latest in communications software. IP Office delivers the capabilities that allow you to keep your business competitive. 


Do I need to understand the  technology to implement it? 

No. IP Office is designed specifically to give you more functionality without making more demands on your resources. Rely on Elite Telecom for support before, during and after your purchase.  


Do I need to spend a lot? 

Not at all. You have choices based on your budget needs.  Easy leasing or financing plans not only make your choices affordable, they help you cut monthly expenses immediately. And you only have to buy/lease what you need, when you need it. 


Is IP technology so new that it’s not reliable? 

With over 90,000 systems deployed worldwide  (Avaya is #1 in IP telephony*), Avaya IP Office has the track record businesses like yours can rely on. Aside from receiving the Product of the Year award by Internet Telephony magazine and Editor's Choice Award 2006 by IT Week,  businesses like yours are saving money and boosting productivity. Many are even managing the system themselves via menu-driven tools. 


I have old systems but we are adding an office. Should I consider the new technology? 

Not only would this be a way for you to experience the rich functionality of the latest communications applications, but we may be able to network with your existing equipment, as well as provide a gradual migration plan for your other locations. 


How quickly can I get up and running? 

Elite Telecom can tailor a solution that’s best for you and your budget.