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What do you want Avaya IP Office to do for you?
Work from anywhere
Enable instant one-number access regardless of your location. Route incoming office calls to your mobile telephone, and even listen to your e-mails.
Measure customer support 
Powerful reporting package illustrates how you are serving your customers. See how much time you spend on each call, and how many calls you may be missing. 
  Improve customer satisfaction
Maximize customer satisfaction as more calls are handled promptly. Redistribute inbound calls from your busy locations toward idle locations. 
  Integrate applications
Enable incoming calls to display company name, location, purchasing history or other vital details; impress customers; sell more strategically; and speed efficiency. 
  Protect your investment
Gain more than just communications products and services. Implement a system that delivers immediate results to your business, and is set to grow and change along with it.
  Look more professional
Impress customers and empower staff with state-of-the-art telephones. Sleek, functional telephones designed for the business professional. 
  Connect all sites
Save, streamline, and spark collaboration. Integrate business communications to save money on long distance charges. Link remote offices as if they were one.
  Host conferences
Eliminate conference call costs and speed your decision-making. Schedule, initiate or participate in secure audio conference calls anytime. Launch outbound calls to bring the right people together instantly.

Keep ongoing management simple. 

Administer communications for a busy staff, quickly and painlessly. 
IP Office comes with a whole set of menu-driven tools to keep ongoing management simple. Leverage a variety of advanced options to power efficiency. The administration tool makes it easy to set up your IP Office and day-to-day tasks such as updating directories and moving phone extensions. Remote diagnostics are also made easy through the intuitive and real-time System Status Application.