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Delivering quality care ... keeping doctors in touch ... streamlining office operations


For today's health care providers, the right communications solution makes it easier to be "on call" ... deliver quality care ... and keep their office running smoothly.

In most businesses, time is money. In health care, time is life.
Just being instantly available is not enough anymore. In a society built around the rapid flow of information, doctors, dentists and other health care professionals are expected to have critical information at their fingertips - at all times.
At the same time running a practice is running a business. Health care professionals must manage their office operations and contend with the greater regulation of patient information and malpractice litigation.
A communication system that helps health care providers address these and other challenges is ultimately going to pay for itself over and over - in lowercosts, better administration and better care. IP Office is designed to do all these things - plus maintain compliance with HIPPA regulations with security and privacy.

Simple access to information 

Given the dynamic nature of today's health care environment, "anytime anywhere" access to records - patient files, test results, prescriptions, etc - is a must. With its secure networking capabilities, IP Office simplifies access to data servers, facilitating information retrieval from anywhere. The messaging capabilities that are part of IP Office can route faxes and email to any digital device - laptop, PDA, etc. You can even use IP Office to search through recordings of phone calls and play back critical information. And the information flow can be two-way. Health care professionals can record the time and duration of conversations and append other documents to patient files that might prove necessary in the event of any legal proceedings.

"Reach me anywhere"

Health care professionals are rarely in the offices. They are consulting, examining, making rounds, providing critical care. Health professionals can be reached - the cell phone and pager see to that. But instead of simple, rapid, direct communications, what often happens are rounds of telephone tag between doctors, patients and fellow health care practitioners.
IP Office helps take control of their communications. Instead of requiring everyone to guess what number to reach you at, IP Office lets you establish a "personal number" that automatically forwards calls to a mobile, home or other phone. At any time, you can change the setting to have calls forwarded to somewhere else. IP Office will actually "recognize" you when you call in. You can screen out unimportant calls. And it works for voice mail, email and faxes. You can have voice messages routed to you as email and play them back through the soundcard on your laptop.

Automated patient appointment confirmation

While most patients show up for schedules appointments, "no-shows" cost a practice revenue and delay care to other patients. IP Office can help your practice maximize its schedule by providing a simple, automatic way of contacting patients and confirming appointments. With auto appointment confirmation, IP Office can automatically dial scheduled patients and leave a pre-recorded appointment reminder with the options to confirm, cancel or reschedule. Even a small reduction in the number of no-shows can generate thousands of dollars in revenue while also freeing up staff who would normally make the calls manually. IP Office helps increase the level of comfort and privacy for hearing impaired patients - who can access their records by phone without 'dual-party relay' via TTY capabilities.

Simplify communications across offices

In health care, where many practices maintain multiple locations and health care professionals see patients in different office on different days, the right communications solution can simplify office administration and lower costs.
With IP Office, you can equip all of your offices with a system that seamlessly works together across locations as if they were one. IP Office lets you manage the entire communication system - phone, settings, extension assignments, etc., from one location via a single web browser interface. Instead of relying on outside providers or having administrative support in every location, IP Office lets you rely on one administrator at one location.

Open for business?

When a storm or other natural disaster forces you to close your offices, can physicians easily work at another location (i.e. home, another office, etc.) and get full access to information, speed dial directories, conference call capabilities, etc. With IP Office they can. Also with IP Office you can automatically route phone calls to another office that may be open. Maintaining communications is essential in health care. Avaya IP Office is there to keep you open for business.