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In the frenzy of filing season ... and at every other time ... accountants can rely on Avaya IP Office for the communications capabilities they need to work as efficiently as possible.

Whether it's filing a routing tax return or preparing a complicated year-end audit, it's the accountant's job to get the numbers right and provide the paper trail to back it up.


Recent years have brought a wave of complexity to the centuries-old job of "balancing the books." Technology, new tax regulations and recent legislation such as Sarbanes-Oxley have all placed new demands and responsibilities on accountants.


To meet these challenges, many accountants are looking carefully at how their office communications solution can simplify the flow of information and keep people in touch. A communications system that helps accountants do their job faster, more effectively and more accurately is ultimately going to pay for itself through lower costs and greater revenue generation. That's the idea behind the integrated Avaya IP Office voice and data communications system. 

Simplify access to information 

Many accountants do most, if not all of their work, often at the client's location. Working at home and on weekends is a fact of life. But being out of the office shouldn't limit access to important information.
With its secure networking capabilities (i.e., built-in router, firewall), IP Office simplifies secure access to data servers, facilitating information retrieval from anywhere. And the integrated messaging capabilities that are part of IP Office simplify the routing of faxes and emails. Now accountants can retrieve and forward information wherever needed, eliminating or at least reducing the number of documents they carry outside the office.

"Reach me anywhere"

IP Office not only increases access to critical information, it enables mobile professionals to take control of their communications. Instead of requiring everyone to guess what number to reach you at, IP Office lets you establish a "personal number" that automatically forwards calls to a mobile, home, or other phone. At any time you can change the setting to have calls forwarded somewhere else. IP Office will actually "recognize" you when you call in. You can screen out unimportant calls. You can even have phone calls and voice messages routed to you as email and play them back using a soundcard and an Avaya "softphone" interface on your laptop.

Conference easily, control costs 

During group audits and those busy end-of-quarter/end-of-year periods when time is at a premium, IP Office helps make sure critical information gets circulated quickly.
Need to quickly set up a distribution list for voice mails and emails? The messaging capabilities of IP Office let you do it all through one interface.
Want the ability to set up impromptu conference calls? Use IP Office as your own private, secure conference bridge so everyone can conference on demand, regardless of their location, for faster coordination.
IP Office can eliminate the fees you pay to outside conferencing services. And in addition to the audio call, use IP Office Conferencing to broadcast documents on the Web. A firm that holds just a couple of one-hour conference calls per day with 4 participants (or more) can see a return on its investment in as little as 9-10 weeks (depending in location and provider fees.)

Easily manage you communications system

We know that growing companies have better things to do than administer their communications system - particularly if they have more than one office. With IP Office, you can manage the entire communication system from one location via a single web browser interface. That means you can manage multiple systems across multiple sites from one location. Add and delete employees, change system settings and make it easy for employees to move from site to site and office to office. Avaya IP Office simplifies the job of managing multiple locations - formal offices, offices in a home, temporary work locations, etc.

Dealing with Sarbanes-Oxley

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act has many implications for the communications and information processes of accountants. The secure, standards-based capabilities of Avaya IP Office can help you ensure the integrity of your data and safeguard your infrastructure. For example, the ability to track and log e-mails, voicemails and faxes in association with a particular account will allow your firm to quickly assure that it acted appropriately and in accordance with the highest standards.