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Serving client needs … simplifying remote access to information ... controlling communications costs

Enhancing client service … increasing billable hours … from the courtroom to the conference room, IP Office can deliver a host of benefits to law firms. 

In a law firm, time is money. Better bottom line performance comes about through leveraging prior case work, minimizing non-billable activities and controlling expenses — without sacrificing customer service. A communications system that supports these and other efficiencies is ultimately going to pay for itself through lower costs and greater revenue generation. And that’s exactly what the Avaya IP Office communications system is designed to do for today’s law firm. 


“Reach me anywhere” 

Lawyers are away from their offices much of the time: in court, in depositions, at clients’ offices, etc. This often results in endless rounds of telephone tag between attorneys, clients and other professionals. IP Office not only helps eliminate telephone tag and increase accessibility, it enables mobile professionals to take control of their communications. Instead of requiring everyone to guess what number to reach you at, IP Office lets you establish a “personal number” that automatically forwards calls to a mobile, home, or other phone. At any time you can change the setting to have calls forwarded somewhere else. IP Office will actually “recognize” you when you call in. You can screen out unimportant calls. You can even have voice messages routed to you as email and play them back through the soundcard on your laptop. 

Easy access to information 

In a law firm, getting fast, simple, “anytime anywhere” access to files, opinions, memos, emails, faxes, etc. is a must. In recent years, “knowledge management” and “matter management” systems have become essential to improving operations and making information access more efficient. With the IP Office solution, law firms can now count on another ally in the battle to simplify information access. With its secure networking capabilities, IP Office simplifies secure access to data servers, facilitating information retrieval from anywhere. The Unified Messaging capabilities that are part of IP Office simplify the routing of faxes and emails to any digital device — laptop, PDA, etc. 

Allocating costs, tracking time 

In any law firm, a major portion of all billing is for work performed over the phone. Often many hours are devoted to accounting for time spent on the phone and gathering information to answer inquiries and negotiate settlements with clients who dispute these charges. Instead of manually tracking time and calling costs, IP Office, through optional call accounting capabilities, can gather the information automatically and provide you with regular reports you can use directly with clients — and also help fight fraud and misuse of your system. 

Recording calls 

In a law firm, recordings of important calls are both a convenience and in many situations a necessity. IP Office makes it easy to record calls when necessary and also to file and retrieve those calls, listen to them through a PC and also quickly scan them for important portions of conversations. The system saves recorded calls as industry standard .wav files that can be distributed via e-mail. Optional software for IP Office can also provide you with 
tamper-proof recording capabilities.  

Impromptu conferences 

Today most law firms rely on outside teleconferencing services and pay substantial fees for the convenience — even if a conference call is scheduled and then not held. Now there is an alternative — the Avaya IP Office system can provide you with your own private, secure conference bridge. Eliminate the fees you pay to outside conferencing services. Use IP Office at any time to set up a virtual meeting with six people on the call, or 60. Along with the audio call, IP Office Conferencing can broadcast documents on the Web. A firm that holds just a couple of one-hour conference calls a day with 4 participants (or more) can see a return on its investment in as little as 9- 10 weeks (depending on location and provider fees.) 

Open for business? 

When a storm or other natural disaster forces you to close your offices, can attorneys easily work from home and get full access to information, speed dial directories, conference call capabilities, etc. With IP Office they can.  Also with IP Office you can automatically route phone calls to another office that may be open. Maintaining communications is essential to meeting business commitments. Avaya IP Office is there to keep you open for business. 

Fast Growing UK Legal Practice Relies on IP Office  

Presenting a consistent, professional image in every communication is critical and not always easy when it involves fielding calls from hundreds of clients, each with their own pressing demands and each case working to a tight deadline. After expanding from its Central London headquarters by adding new offices in Croydon and Brixton, Sam Moseley & Co., one of the leading solicitors’ practices in the South East of England, decided to take advantage of the enhanced capabilities and cost-savings made possible by Avaya IP Office. 

Instead of three separate phone systems, incoming calls are now managed by a receptionist in one location and distributed transparently across all three offices. Calls are routed over the firm’s existing data network — essentially traveling for free. Lawyers and staff used the PC-based Phone Manager application for speed dialing, point-and-click access to features and to quickly see the identity (and potential urgency) of incoming callers. The ability of IP Office to support remote workers means mobile and homeworkers can be as effective in a remote location as they can be in the office. And scalability and modularity of the IP Office solution means it is ready to support the firm’s rapid expansion.