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In most businesses, time is money. In health care, time is life.
Just being instantly available isn't enough anymore. In a society built around the rapid flow of information, doctors, dentists and other health care professionals are expected to have critical information at their fingertips - at all times.
At the same time running a practice is running a business. Health care professionals must manage their office operations and contend with the greater regulation of patient information and malpractice litigation.
A communication system that helps health care providers address these and other challenges is ultimately going to pay for itself over and over - in lower costs, better administration and better care. IP Office is designed to do all these things - plus maintain compliance with HIPPA regulations with security and privacy. 


In a law firm, time is money. Better bottom line performance comes about through leveraging prior case work, minimizing non-billable activities and controlling expenses — without sacrificing customer service. A communications system that supports these and other efficiencies is ultimately going to pay for itself through lower costs and greater revenue generation. And that’s exactly what the Avaya IP Office communications system is designed to do for today’s law firm.


Whether it's filing a routing tax return or preparing a complicated year-end audit, it's the accountant's job to get the numbers right and provide the paper trail to back it up.
Recent years have brought a wave of complexity to the centuries-old job of "balancing the books." Technology, new tax regulations and recent legislation such as Sarbanes-Oxley have all placed new demands and responsibilities on accountants.
To meet these challenges, many accountants are looking carefully at how their office communications solution can simplify the flow of information and keep people in touch. A communications system that helps accountants do their job faster, more effectively and more accurately is ultimately going to pay for itself through lower costs and greater revenue generation. That is the idea behind the integrated Avaya IP Office voice and data communications system.