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Avaya IP Office for Healthcare Professionals

Over 1 million businesses rely on Avaya solutions

Avaya helps you achieve your goals

Every health care practice needs ways to reduce costs and improve the way it operates. Like every business, you're looking to keep all your "customers", add new ones and grow at the pace that's right for you.

Avaya understands this. With over one hundred years of experience as a leader in communications, we know that the right solution for you is one that helps you increase profitability, improve productivity and deliver quality care.

Get big-business communications at small-sized business prices

Over one million businesses rely on Avaya solutions like Avaya IP Office - the award-winning business communications system that delivers an "all-in-one" solution for telephony, messaging, networking, conferencing, customer/patient management and much more.

Growing businesses know they can rely on Avaya for big-business capabilities at small business prices. Avaya has an entire division focused on the needs of small- and medium-size businesses. We support extensive research into new technologies and standards. And we make it easy for businesses like yours to acquire our solutions by offering an array of financing options.

See what Avaya can do for you

You need a communications system - every practice does. To find one that's right for you, start with Avaya. With solutions like IP Office, we're revolutionizing how small and medium business communicate. Now is the time to see what an Avaya solution can do for you.

IP Office: The Right Solution for Today's Health Care Firm

 What is it? 

It is a converged communications solution that uses both voice and IP technology to deliver intelligent ways for you to reduce cost, increase productivity, and improve customer service for your practice. 

 How can I use it in my practice? 

Connect with colleagues and customers. Simplify access to information. Keep remote workers in touch. You can save money through conferencing, networking, call management, Voice over IP, and more.   

 What are my choices? 

Does your practice have one location? Multiple locations? With IP Office you can choose from a range of models and add capacity, applications, and phones as you need them. Whether you have few or many employees, IP Office is the optimal choice.