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The Avaya Advantage

excerpted from VoIP for Dummies, Avaya Limited Edition

The IP Telephony market is populated by many competitors, but only one stands out as the clear market leader: Avaya.

To understand what it means to lead the IP Telephony market, you need to understand the significance of converging your traditional telephony systems onto your computer network tocreate an enterprise-level communications network. And you don’t have to throw out your investments made in other telephone systems’ hardware. You can do it the Avaya way, avoid forklift upgrades and reap the benefits of all of the new IP-based features and functionality available right now in the IP Telephony world.

IP Telephony the Avaya way focuses on using your existing telephony resources to build a vibrant communications net- work that enhances productivity. An Avaya system includes all the features you are familiar with—voicemail, call waiting, and call forwarding, to name a few—as well as many new exciting features that will really knock your socks off, such asthe Presence feature, which indicates at a glance whether coworkers are available to take your call and the “follow me” feature, which lets your telephone number ring at whatever location you may be currently at on your company’s network, whether you are in the same city or across the country.

Customers need reliability, and Avaya delivers it. If you are considering a converged network, you are probably anxious to gain a simple-to-manage, business-driven architecture at acost that is competitive with your current expenditures. Avaya can help you accomplish this goal. It does it today in over 1 million companies around the world. And it supports over 90% of the Fortune 500.

Avaya has been ranked among the leaders in the 2004 METAspectrum for Enterprise IP Telephony report. According to the report, users considering a converged network are anx- ious to gain a simple-to-manage, business-driven architecture at a cost that is competitive with their current expenditures.

But that is not all. The prestigious Gartner Inc. research and advisory firm listed Avaya in the Leaders Quadrant in the 2004 Magic Quadrant Report for North American Corporate Telephony. Focusing on enterprise migration to IP Telephony, the report positions vendors into one of four quadrants— Leaders, Challengers, Visionaries, and Niche Players—based on the companies’ vision and ability to execute on that vision. According to Gartner, vendors listed in the Leaders quadrant are performing well today, have a clear vision of market direc- tion, and are actively building competencies to sustain their leadership position in the market. Avaya is one of those Leaders.

Bottom line: You don’t have to do it alone, the expertise of Avaya’s Global Services will deliver the results you are looking for with its extensive portfolio of professional services. Converge, communicate, and compete by putting communica- tions at the heart of your business.